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Make meditation a part of your daily routine...

Numbers have a power to determine what happens in relationships, health, finances, and life in general.


Energy Healing – Your Key to Discovering Just How Amazing Your Life Can Truly Be!

Heal2Empower offers self-development training and workshops for Meditation, Numerology, and ThetaHealing® in the UAE. Our students have benefited from these energy healing courses and have been able to let go of the past, forgive and truly love themselves. We aim to empower the mind, to conquer and forgo all negative emotions such as fear, sadness, self-doubt, helplessness and replace it with positive emotions.

We believe that when you choose to heal yourself, you become empowered to take that next step towards a better and brighter future, without fear, obstacles, and self-sabotage.

Our Certified Courses for Energy Healing in Dubai

Our energy healing classes can be conducted through private sessions and seminars. There are basic and advanced courses for new and experienced practitioners. Through these personalised classes, we aim to help more and more people reach self-awareness and gain the ability to help themselves and the people around them. All classes are private and abide by our strict confidentiality policy.

Meditation & Yoga Sessions

By practising Meditation & Yoga, you are learning to discipline and transform your physical, spiritual and mental being. It not only reduces your stress levels and improves your strength and flexibility, but it aids in harmonising our inner self with the world and bringing forth peace.

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Numerology is a study of the mystical relationship between numbers and people and life events. Your destiny, life purpose, and future potential can be uncovered by reading of your fate number, name number, life path number, personality number and soul urge number.

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Theta Healing

ThetaHealing® is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy. It is a method for training the body, mind, and spirit which empowers you to overcome beliefs that restrict your full potential. It enables you to live a life filled with positive thoughts and energy. With key focus on prayer and meditation, ThetaHealing enables people to create and sustain a positive lifestyle.

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