About Us

Our clients are individuals from all walks of life, and our aim is to help them grow and blossom into their fullest potential. To fulfil their dreams of better health, improved life balance, create loving relationships, successful careers and living their highest possible life’s purpose.

Every aspect of your daily life - health, wealth, relationships and energy connection - is intangibly connected to your mind, body and energy. And in today’s fast-paced society, we get deeply entangled in the trivialities of daily life and often start neglecting our mental health and unknowingly start following a negative pattern in order to deal with the ever-increasing stress.

It can be difficult to pause, manoeuvre through the clutter in our minds and contemplate what has brought on the negative change in us. But you are one step closer to improvement by realising you need to bring in the change. 

The three pillars of Heal2Empower - Yoga, Numerology and Theta Healing - offers a variety of therapy techniques and activities that empower you to move out of challenging life situations, enabling you to live a life of happiness and deep inner peace.

We invite you to begin your journey of self-discovery with Heal2Empower!


Pari Sagar

Yoga, Numerology and ThetaHealing® Instructor

Everything that has happened and everyone that you have met till date has fulfilled a purpose in your life. I have gone through my share of challenges as well, and my journey has been a healing process. I have learnt and evolved over a period of time.

My life experiences had led me to find tranquillity in self-expression through Art (www.parisagar.com), but I needed something more and my journey towards self-healing began in the year 2000. Light of Transformation was my first step into the self-healing process, this I had learnt from an Indian Guru. It gave me the strength to face different truths of life. I learnt how to heal my past, be in gratitude for what we have and value living in the moment.

In 2008, I learnt Indian Numerology which was the vibration of Chaldean.  But living in cosmopolitan energies of UAE, where you have people coming from different walks of life, Pythagorean Numerology matched the cosmopolitan vibration with ease.

My study helped me to reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies of my life, as an integral part of the cosmic plan.  It has helped me and my clients to improve the vibration of numbers used in the name, auspicious dates, addresses, business names, inauguration dates and lots more. By using numerology methods, the positive results have proven a good way of bringing certain changes in anybody’s life. 

I believe that I can help others by sharing my knowledge of self-healing through Art and different modalities of energy healing. As the human body is a made up of 3 component – body, mind and soul corresponding our three needs – health, knowledge and inner peace. Health is a physical need, knowledge is our psychological needs and inner peace is spiritual need when all three are present then there is harmony.

Energy Healing with different modalities like Life of Transformation, Theta Healing, Number Therapy helped me to be calmer by listening to the vibration around and within my space and the changes that are taking place. By being and teaching how to be clairvoyant, has helped me and my clients from different walks of life to discover their own journey.

Personal Statement

“God created energy, we gave it a direction through our thoughts. We create our own reality. Once we start changing our beliefs, things changes around us automatically. That’s beauty of Life.

I have clients who comes from different backgrounds and each one wanted to change something in their life. Through life coaching, all my clients have testified that they always feel much lighter and relaxed and at ease at the end of the session as compared to when it began.”