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Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or disc. Simply put, Chakras are energy vortexes – the influential centers of energy – located in a human body that act as bridges between the soul and body. While there are many such energy vortexes, seven are viewed as the major ones. These Seven Chakras are located along the spine in a vertical line, starting from the tip of the spine, moving up, and ending at the Crown. Every Chakra governs a specific area of the human body, meanwhile being responsible for a particular state of the soul. When they are in the balance, the body-mind-spiritRead More →

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” ~ Dalai Lama We have 365 days in a year, and each day is ideal for strengthening your relationships. Still, February is considered the perfect month to boost positivity in your relationship. It is the most romantic time of a year to renew and enhance your bond with your loved one. Being caught up in the daily chaotic routines, we often tend to take relationships for granted. Let’s see what you can do enhance your relationship. 9 Ways to Enhance your Relationship This February Be grateful Gratitude boosts the quality of love. BeRead More →

Anxiety makes us uncomfortable. Acute or generalized, anxiety disorders makes us feel powerless. We experience unexplainable fear, anger, panic, and low self-esteem. There are two common ways people handle this condition. They either opt for psychotherapy medication or evade it. But, there is a holistic approach to managing this uneasy state – yoga. Before we learn how yoga could help anxiety disorder, let us know about its causes and symptoms. Anxiety Disorder – Causes & Symptoms There are no fixed triggers for anxiety. Here are some of the most commonly observed causes of anxiety disorder: Exposure to stressful conditions, including chronic illnesses or bereavement orRead More →

Have you ever heard of the term soulful living? It is such a beautiful experience where your soul is in perfect alignment with your body and mind. And, then life will be nothing less than a miracle. However, there are times when your soul gets wounded. Instead of mending and healing the wounds, you tend to run away from it, weakening the strength of your soul. So, how can you empower your soul? Through conscious thinking because you are your thoughts. Whatever you see, talk and express are extensions of your thoughts. Here are 9 simple ways to empower your soul to manifest the lifeRead More →

We’re one month into the New Year – 2018. What are your intentions for this year? Do you feel inspired to heal others? Spread more spiritual awareness across the globe? Be a teacher? You got it right. It is what 2018 is all about. According to Numerology, it is the year that sums up the energies of two different numbers – 11 and 2. Let’s know more about this.   What is this 11 and 2? 11 and 2, more commonly called the 11/2 in Numerology, is the Universal Year Number for 2018. This energy is experienced by all the creatures universally. Every year has itsRead More →

Detoxification is not just eliminating toxins and unwanted waste from the physical body. A complete detox involves cleansing all the aspects of your being – physical, emotional, and spiritual. One of the best ways to indulge in a comprehensive detoxification process is to practice yoga. An effective yoga practice consists of Asanas [poses], Pranayama [breathing techniques], and Dharana [Meditation], the blend of which works across all realms of your being and empowers you for a better life. Here are nine ways yoga will help you detox this new year. How does yoga promote overall detoxification? 1. Cleanses the stomach and liver Yoga comprises of variousRead More →