Healing crystals are powerful and magnificent gifts that Mother Earth offers the mankind. Each one of them have a unique vibration that could affect our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. Combining Numerology with the power of gems could help in reaping the powerful healing properties of these gems. Read on to more about how we can choose a healing gem from a numerological perspective. Why should you use the right gemstone? The right gemstone could • Attract infinite financial abundance • Help to eliminate obstacles in the path of prosperity • Resolve relationships • Solve family issues • Improve overall health • Instill aRead More →

We’re one month into the New Year – 2018. What are your intentions for this year? Do you feel inspired to heal others? Spread more spiritual awareness across the globe? Be a teacher? You got it right. It is what 2018 is all about. According to Numerology, it is the year that sums up the energies of two different numbers – 11 and 2. Let’s know more about this.   What is this 11 and 2? 11 and 2, more commonly called the 11/2 in Numerology, is the Universal Year Number for 2018. This energy is experienced by all the creatures universally. Every year has itsRead More →