Numerology Course in Dubai

Certified Numerology Course

13th & 14th July 2018 | Dubai, UAE

Numerology is the study of Numbers. Your Birthdate is unique and sacred which do not change but vibrates on its own. Your name number vibration has the authority to radiate your life purpose. Your fate number is your birthday which shows your way. Your Life Path is the calculation of your birthday.

List of things/events/situations where numerology can help


  • Personal Numerology Reading
  • Business Numerology Reading
  • Angelic Numbers Reading
  • Relationship Compatibility Reading
  • Name Change
  • Newborn Baby Name in Numerology
  • Check for Compatibility in Relationship
  • Residence or office address Numerology


Numerology helps in reflecting certain aptitudes and character tendencies of your life, as an integral part of the cosmic plan. It has helped many clients in improving the vibration of numbers used in the name, auspicious dates, addresses, business names, inauguration dates and lots more. By using numerology methods, the positive results have proven a good way of bringing certain changes in anybody’s life. 


Day 1 – Certified Numerology Basic Course

  • Numerology Numbers 1 to 9
  • Positive & negative aspects of the numbers
  • Value of master numbers
  • Calculation of birth date – your sacred number
  • 5 most important numbers in life
    • Fate Number
    • Life Path Number
    • Name Number
    • Personality Number
    • Soul Urge Number

Day 2 – Certified Numerology Advance Course

  • Special Letters in Your Name
  • Personal Year Number
  • The Karmic Lessons
  • The Karmic Debts
  • The Period Cycles
  • The Pinnacle Cycles
  • The Challenges
  • Numerology and Colors
  • Numerology and Jewels and Gems
  • Numerology and Herbs

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