Born in India about 26,000 years ago, yoga is a practice that focuses on the balance and union of a person’s consciousness with that of the universal consciousness. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj,” which means to unite or to integrate.
Yoga is founded on the principle that the main three components of a human being – body, mind and soul – correspond to three major needs, namely health, knowledge and inner peace. Health is a physical need, knowledge is a psychological need, and inner peace is spiritual. If these three are present, then harmony can be achieved.If you are interested in learning and practicing yoga, Heal2Empower offers some of the best yoga classes in Dubai for people interested in achieving harmony from within and transforming their physical, spiritual and mental states.

The Basics and Benefits of Yoga

Incorporating yoga into your lifestyle can provide you with relief from a number of physical ailments. Practicing the posture, asanas, can strengthen your body and stimulate a lasting feeling of well-being within you.

In the psychological aspect, yoga can sharpen your intellect and mental capabilities. It can help you enhance your concentration and fuel your drive to accomplish things. It also has the power to enable you to have better control over your emotions, while fostering a caring attitude for people around you.

Breathing techniques, on the other hand, calm the bind. It touches on your spiritual being, bringing awareness and the ability to be still and quiet. Through meditation, you can find and experience inner peace.

Given all these capabilities, yoga is essentially a practical philosophy that engages every aspect of a person’s well-being. It demonstrates an individual’s evolution through developing self-awareness and self-discipline. Anyone can practice yoga, regardless of age, health condition, status in life, and religion.

It helps to discipline our sense of power, with the power of our own. To be in full harmony with oneself, and one’s environment, a person must unite his or her body, mind and spirit.

Three Main Yoga Structures

Yoga fosters a balanced state of emotion, action and intelligence through three main structures: Exercise, Breathing, and Meditation.

Asanas – It refers to basic postures commonly used in yoga. Asanas helps improve circulation and stimulates organs in the abdominal region. It applies pressure on the body’s glandular system. It is built on the principle that exercise is key to better fitness and a more robust overall health.

Breathing – Practitioners are able to gain better control over themselves and their bodies by increasing their breathing.

Meditation – It quiets the mind, allowing practitioners to significantly enhance their ability to concentrate.


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