Chakra healing

Arthritis is a global epidemic with women being more prone to the condition than men. Arthritis is not a disease, but a group of painful conditions, including fibromyalgia, gout, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Lack of adequate care could lead to slow erosion of quality of life.But the good news is that yoga could help to ease the pain and inflammation, thus enhancing the quality of life. Before we understand more about how yoga can benefit those with arthritis, let us take a quick glance at the symptoms of arthritis. Some of the most reported signs and symptoms of arthritis are:Painful inflammation of jointsThe stiffness ofRead More →

There was a time when even people over the age of 70 years were able to read books without spectacles. But these days even children as young as two years are wearing glasses. Numerous contributing factors affect our eyesight. Spending long hours in front of computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and television have severe adverse impacts on our vision. Practicing specific gentle yoga Asanas and Pranayama could help in restoring and even enhancing our eyesight.But before we look into the Yoga for eyesight routine, let us know the yogic view of our eyes. According to Yoga philosophies, we have eleven senses or doors. While fiveRead More →

Healing crystals are powerful and magnificent gifts that Mother Earth offers the mankind. Each one of them have a unique vibration that could affect our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. Combining Numerology with the power of gems could help in reaping the powerful healing properties of these gems.Read on to more about how we can choose a healing gem from a numerological perspective. The right gemstone could• Attract infinite financial abundance • Help to eliminate obstacles in the path of prosperity• Resolve relationships• Solve family issues• Improve overall health• Instill a sense of peace and calmness• Stabilize all aspects of your life There areRead More →

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or disc. Simply put, Chakras are energy vortexes – the influential centers of energy – located in a human body that act as bridges between the soul and body. While there are many such energy vortexes, seven are viewed as the major ones. These Seven Chakras are located along the spine in a vertical line, starting from the tip of the spine, moving up, and ending at the Crown. Every Chakra governs a specific area of the human body, meanwhile being responsible for a particular state of the soul. When they are in the balance, the body-mind-spiritRead More →