Life purpose

Does the term ‘numerology’ ring a bell? Do you always end up noticing the same number throughout your life? Do you find yourself drawn towards particular numbers? Perhaps, you want to learn more about what these numbers mean and why you end up noticing them more than the others. This is where numerology comes into play so that you get a better understanding of life and about yourself. Numerology gives you the chance to know yourself better and explore everything around with the help of numbers. Your personality number is one way in numerology that may unravel the layers of your personality and share theRead More →

In our everyday lives, we come across situations which can be stressful or cause us to be in an anxious state of mind. Stress and anxiety are not entirely a bad thing as they can help us overcome challenging situations. Days which are spent worrying about finding a new job, fearing what other people thinking about you or being in a state of uneasiness when facing difficult situations can cause anxiety and stress. We need to be in this state of mind sometimes to push us forward. But in cases where a person is overwhelmed with these emotions, it can be a hindrance in theirRead More →

Have you ever felt a surge of negative emotion flowing through your body which makes you lose control of what you say and disregard the feelings of others? Where you want to burst out and become as loud as possible just because you maybe have lost your patience or maybe because others have hurt you? That is Anger.Before we start talking about how to use yoga to ease your mind and remove any feelings of anger, we need to understand what is anger, how does it affect our body and our lives in general.Read More →

Lower back pain is the most common cause of job-related disability while sitting in cars and office chairs for long periods of time with a slumped posture compress the spine and place pressure on the nerves and one of the most common neurological ailments, second only to a headache. The abdominal muscles relax and the back muscles tighten over time, leading to pain and stiffness when standing or walking. Regular Yoga practice can help restore healthy length to the spine and can stretch and relax the over-tightened muscles; over time, you may even gain height as the vertebrae decompress!  Several Yoga training techniques are especially helpfulRead More →

 Is it only about women? Well, if that had been your thoughts until this moment, you got it all wrong. It has the following qualities or traits, which when accepted and embraced allows you to heal all the wounds and lead a blissful life. It is pure. It is adaptable. It is all about sexuality, emotions, nurturing, empathy, and creativity. It is all about receiving. All of us have Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within us. The feminine is the yin while the masculine is the Yang. The Feminine energy is all about the Goddess energy. Yes, all of us do have these traitsRead More →