Numerology: Self-discovery Through Numbers

Written By Pari Sagar

Book Description:
Like musical notes, numbers are the vibration in the universe and have their own tones and frequencies. Each number has a specific value that has a cosmic vibration. Numerology is the science of numbers in your life that can be used as a powerful tool to explore and discover your own potential and destiny. All numbers are important and play a vital role in your universe. This book is an opportunity to understand your own personality, cultivate your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Based on her research of past several years, numerologist and intuitive reader Pari Sagar, also an artist, offers a simple guide for those who want to understand numerology and use it to live a more successful life.

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Pari Sagar Profile

About the Author

By sharing her knowledge of self-healing through art and energy healing, Dubai-based Indian artist, numerologist and intuitive reader Pari Sagar offers a variety of techniques that empower her clients to overcome challenging situations in order to live a happy and content life. This is her first book.