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Yes, 2020 has been an interesting year – Number 4 (2+0+2+0) We learnt to be disciplined, diligent and sustainable using our knowledge wisely especially after joining Toastmasters and attending online meetings. We stayed grounded at home, social distancing and being responsible for our own health and others.

Dear Readers! I am Pari Sagar, one of the toastmasters from the SSY Toastmasters Club. I was a toastmaster in Desert Divas for one year and then took a break to complete my project of writing a book on Numerology called Numerology: Self-discovery Through Numbers.

By profession, I am an artist, Numerologist and therapist – and it all comes under my brand, Heal2Empower. My father was an astrologer himself.  He helped me discover my passion. He inspired me to paint and read books and told me that books are my best friend. Everything he taught me eventually lead me to write a book myself.

I think numbers chose me to write about it. Numerology is the study of Numbers. It could help you to understand specific aptitudes and character tendencies, your talents, your hidden characteristics, your opportunities, and challenges in ways that could be life-changing. These numbers and their vibrations are so powerful that they are considered as integral elements of the cosmic plan. The process of writing about the book was new and interesting! So I thought of sharing a taste of my experience with Numerology with you.

So are you ready!

What are your intentions for 2021?

Do you feel like breaking barriers and finding new possibilities? Whether it is possible to improve your communication skills and explore new horizons through numerology?

Yes, you can!

Numerology offers an interesting point of view to find out what is in store in for us. 

World Year Number 2021 is all about finding freedom and seeking new opportunities.

People ask me with curiosity that if 2020 was about holding grounds, how good or bad will be 2021 for me?

2021 is the World Year Number for everyone across the globe that’s starts from January 1st to December 31st 

The total of the number 2021 is 5 (2+0+2+1). Number 5 is the year of adapting to new changes and being adventurous.

Let’s find out your personal year number for toastmasters in 2021 and manifest new goals.

How to calculate the Personal Year number?

For this number, you need to add the day of your birth and the month of your birth to the number of the current year. For example, if you were born on November 5, and you want to know what sort of the year 2010 might be for you, this is how to proceed.

Personal Year number = Day of your birth + Month of your birth + Current year 

Day of your birth   Month of your birth   Current year
5 + 11 + 2010
    1+1 + 2+0+1+0
5 +  2 + 3
Total   10    

Hence, the Personal Year number = 1

Toastmaster’s Personal year number 1 

New Beginning, Individuality, innovative and taking action

If you have personal year number 1, you need to welcome new beginnings and find your dynamic leadership skills. Be open to new ideas, opportunities and value your potential. Accepting new things in life with confidence and enhance your skills with innovative planning. Being proactive will help you in long run and allow you to take in charge of your decision.  

Toastmaster’s Personal year number 2 

Social, empathy and togetherness

If you have personal year number 2, you can strengthen your current situation with a partnership, being social, stay committed and focus in order to complete your taskBring good listening skills using your emotion wisely and share your knowledge effectively.

Toastmaster’s Personal Year Number 3 

Creativity, learning new skills and entertaining 

It’s all about learning new skills and sharpening your existing skills of entertaining by expressing yourself in the public speaking journey and acquiring new talents in communication by socializing, mingling with others and bring that element of an effective communicator. Connect with people and be communicative to get your work done. Try writing down your thoughts on paper to express them better. You may receive what you deserve after the hard work and effort you put into your previous years.

Toastmaster’s Personal year Number 4

 Planning, building, grounding and taking ownership

If you have Personal Year number 4 this year, you need to plan for your next venture. You may be pushed to build new projects. If you don’t know how to do it, learn to be precise by enhancing your plan. Work hard to be smart in your moves. Year 4 may be slow but holding steady and keeping your foundation strong will help you focus more sharply on your goals.

Toastmaster’s Personal Year Number 5 

Adventure, Change, Travelling 

If you have Personal Year number 5, this year be ready for change. Stay optimistic and adventurous as there are chances of new opportunities. Personal Year Number 5 would mean a change of job or a possible career transition. Be calculative in your risk. You may travel a lot this year to experience different cultures, so be open to new learnings to expand your knowledge.

Toastmaster’s Personal Year Number 6 

Responsibility, Accountability, Kindness and Caring 

If you have Personal Year number 6, this year is all about responsibility. Take care of the family, learn to nurture them or improve your home environment by making an effort to understand the needs of your family members. Learn to take support from them in order to progress in life

Toastmaster’s Personal Year number 7 

Self-analytical, learning, awakening and growth

If you have Personal Year number 7, enhance the connection to the source. This year you learn to be self-analytical and understand yourself better. You may want to learn how to develop your personality. You will want to gain spiritual wisdom and balance your mental and emotional strength. You learn how to enhance your mental health through meditation.

 Toastmaster’s Personal Year Number 8

 Financial affairs, balance your ego, power and truthfulness

If you have Personal Year number 8, your focus is business. You are more concerned about prosperity, financial issues and legal advisory. There are opportunities for career growth. Your potential will be recognised this year. If eight is the personal year, you will have financial gains. You will be learning how to maintain the critical balance between financial and material world. You will have to make crucial decisions for the betterment of tomorrow.

Toastmaster’s Personal Year Number 9 

Compassionate, healing, transformation humanitarian 

If you have Personal Year number 9, this year you are evaluating all the previous eight years and completing the ninth year. This year is all about letting go of the things which no longer serve you. That will transform and end the old business with ease. You will be transformed into a new being. You will evaluate the previous learning lessons that helped you to move to the next level.

Let’s let go of all the negativity of 2020 which is holding us behind. Whether it is a toxic relationship or friendship or old jobs which left us with bad memories. Forgive others and yourself and enlighten your life purpose. Let’s appreciate ourselves and move on to our respective path of speaking in SSY toastmasters club, the best place to reconnect with yourself and connect yourself with others through communication. 

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